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In order to access the betas page, you need to be logged in to our forums and be part of the VIP user group (only licensed users have access to these betas).

You have been redirected to this page because you are either not registered with the forums, or you are not logged in to the forums.

You can automatically register with the forums from the Customer Portal, by clicking on the link "Register for forum posting" from the left had side of links (under the Resources section). This will register you with the forums and also add you to the VIP user group. Then you need to log in to the forums before accessing the betas page. You can choose your own user name when registering with the forums, and we strongly recommend NOT to specify your email as your user name.

If you are already registered and you can post messages in the forums, then please make sure you are actually logged in to the forums from this computer. Then try accessing the betas page again.

If you are already registered but can't post, then please use the "Register for forum posting" link mentioned above which will add you to the VIP user group.