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The Learning Edition is a non-commercial version of our Maxwell Suite package, designed for anyone who wants to learn and experiment with Maxwell Render - no Student ID required! So whether you are a student, hobbyist or working at home on a private project or demo reel - the Learning Edition is the perfect way to get to know Maxwell Render.

What's included?

The Learning Edition is the same package as the full Maxwell Render Suite, but with a few minor restrictions which make it suitable for small scale, non-professional use.
The restrictions are:

  • No network rendering features
  • Maximum image resolution Full HD (1920x1080)
  • Node-locked license (will allow you to install on both your workstation and laptop)
  • Does not include rendernodes
  • Technical support via the Maxwell Render forum only
  • For non-commercial use only

Note: Classroom packs of Faculty licenses for learning centers and teachers are available with full networking tools and floating license mechanism.
Faculty ID will be required to purchase. Please see our Faculty license information here.

Are you a student and Maxwell enthusiast looking for a free license? Have your school set this up for you!